Thursday, 1 November 2012

Delays: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...


We have had our start date pushed back.

And by quite a long time. We thought we were meant to be getting a coach out to Tignes, France on the 16th November. Subsequently I handed my notice of resignation in asking for an end date of the 8th November.

Now we don't leave until the 5th December, nearly 3 weeks later than we had expected.

That means that I will be sitting around at home spending money rather than exploring the new ski resort and earning money (Granted very little). I'm not one to sit around and I can estimate I'd spend between £500 and £800 in those three weeks living at home full time.

The extra 3 weeks wages I could be earning in England would put a substantial sum of money in to our vagabonding pot rather than being detrimental to our saving efforts and draining it.

Solution? Plead for an 'extension' to my resignation (If that even works). I emailed my boss a few days after handing him my Notice of Resignation to ask that my end date be changed. I asked to work until the 3rd December giving me a day to pack up my ski gear and head on out!

Thankfully I have been granted the 'extension'. I was fairly lucky as the payroll run was a day later and had this been processed It would have been very difficult to re-instate my employment.

I'm back to having 32 calendar days and 18 working days until I leave. I'm glad I am able to earn the extra money but every day at work seems like another long stepping stone. I really am counting down the days!

PS: Anyone guess I went to see Stanley Kubric's 'The Shining' last night?

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