Monday, 6 July 2015

All change please... All change...

'The only thing that is constant in life is change' - Heraclitus

And things have certainly changed...

If you've been a long time read you may remember my jubilant post about saving up a decent lump of money... Well by the time we finally got round to packing up and leaving we had doubled that to £20,000.... Twenty Grand! That's a decent amount of money. That is/was a house deposit!

But I said it at the time and I'd say it now... I did not and do not regret spending that money buying or building three different vans to live in, driving through France, Spain, Italy or the Netherlands somewhat aimlessly. I don't regret the money we spent on going to festivals or theme parks. Every lift pass we've bought for the last three Winter seasons has been an investment.... All of it has been an investment in life. One of our guests in the Chalet we ran was the Philosophy Lecturer from Cambridge. I asked her 'What the meaning of life?' was ... (as you do) and she said 'To have fun'.........

But now it's all but run out. We've been spending more than we've been earning and its diminished the bank account to almost zilch.

Now to start earning again.

I picked up a few days work here and there but mostly sat about at home, being bored and gradually spending more money. I decided I'd move back in to Engineering and scoured the internet to find something.

I applied for a job as a Building Maintenance technician through a job site. Not really my passion, but a job at least, and some money coming in. This was on a Friday lunchtime...

By 3pm I'd had a phone call from a totally separate company, a job agency, who'd seen my CV (as I'd (apparently) ticked the check box for "allow other employers to view my CV") and after a quick chat I was having a telephone interview with the Engineering Manager at a food manufacturing company....

I enjoyed the weekend and was called back to see if I could go to the factory on Monday for a trade skills test, aptitude test and formal interview along with a facility walk around. It all went well and two hours after leaving the factory was astounded to receive a phone call with an offer of employment!

Apply for a random job Friday lunch time and be offered a proper engineering job Monday afternoon.... Who said the job industry is stagnant! I celebrated by treating myself to a bottle of Prosecco and a luxury sushi dinner at a restaurant called Wabi in Horsham.

I've been in the job a little while now and it is interesting. I can't say it hasn't been a bit difficult to adjust back to working life. It's actually quite difficult. But the blokes are nice and the work is varied. I've learnt alot, having been out of industry for 3 years, and have been expanding my knowledge on mechanical principles and pneumatics.

The machines I maintain vary in function from coring and chopping an apple, slicing and washing a lettuce to weighing the products in to pots and heat sealing them ready for delivery to their respective supermarkets.

Kerry and I have parted ways. She's a brilliant girl and quite possibly the best companion anyone could ask for with a lifestyle such as ours. Sometimes good things seem to come to an end. I wish her all the best in the future and I've no doubt she will continue having a wicked time.

So it all sounds as if VagabondingAdam isn't going to be vagabonding anymore, eh? Far from it! Believe me, working shift work and maintaining a semi-#vanlife way of living means I have a lot of free time and spare cash to enjoy it.... Stay tuned for more adventures including going in a glider, canyoning in Scotland, getting pepper sprayed and a wicked week away in Iceland..... Plenty more vagabonding to come!

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