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Whilst we are traveling there are many different ways in which you ... our adorable readers ... can help us.

Everyone shops ... most shop online. And we've teamed up with some retailer affiliate programs that enable you to shop online, as you normally would, at the same price ... yet we earn a little for pointing you to them :)

You may notice when we write about a product we've bought, we have linked to places you can buy them from. Commonly these links will work in the same way and we get a few pennies.

So if you shop at any of the places below please bear us in mind before heading to the generic website. Please drop by here and use these links. Alternatively Bookmark the link so you've got it permanently saved. It will REALLY help us.      

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Amazon is an amazing shopping site. You can buy nearly anything, new or used, from Amazon and its normally our first port of call when looking for absolutely anything as they compare sellers to offer you the lowest price.


  1. Well considering I've got an Amazon tab already open on my laptop this morning lol... I will definitely try and remember to come here first!


  2. Bookmarking the pages is the best way of remember Soph!

  3. Adam have been replying to you and my son says he doesn't think you've received them Please send an email to my address. Best regards. Richard. EUE.