Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Handing over the keys...

Whilst not completely smooth, my experience of letting a property was not the stressful affair I had been led to believe.

When looked at logically the whole process was nothing more than a number of tasks that needed chronological organisation.

And my answer was lists! Reems of them. One for changes of address, one for documents the letting agent required, one for jobs to tackle in the flat. ...

It was quite comical as I ticked off each job as they were done. Each tick one step closer to completion and counting down to today. The first day of my first 6 month let.

All I know about my tenant is that his name is Kevin and he is a sports masseur. I think the letting agents try to distance landlord from tenant to try and avoid them bypassing their services and organising a private let agreement. To be fair that suits me fine. I'm looking for purely a business relationship which I have found with Pinnacle Lettings.

As I type I can envisage him getting his fresh set of keys, planning where to put his furniture and when to get his mates round for the house warming!

Fingers crossed that's one of the biggest tasks done. Moving back with mum and dad has been interesting. There are a few things to iron out. Namely whose food is whose and whose do we eat! But overall its quite nice seeing the family a bit more. Even if we've all had some illness over the last month.

Have you let out property before? How did you find it? Leave a comment below...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Go Ape! ...

A number of weekends ago Kerry and I were invited to a 'Go Ape!' day by my Mum and a few of her work colleagues. Having never been to a Go Ape! day we were intrigued.

It turned out Kerry had to work that day. However, Kerry is a woman of little fear and great enthusiasm! She was determined to come along. The chance to throw herself out of trees was far more important than work and 10 hours annual leave was booked before I had the chance to ask if it could be arranged.

The video below gives a brilliant snap shot of what to expect when Go Apeing!

Overall the afternoon was fantastic. The weather held out except for a few rain drops but it didn't deter us from launching ourselves in to the next zip line!

Whilst traveling our specification is to travel with little expense, however, we've promised that activities and experiences such as a high ropes course will not be missed! Where's the fun in traveling if you don't spend a little on brilliant days like we had at Go Ape?

Go Ape comes highly recommended from us. The facilities and safety measures in place put my over analyzing, engineering mind at rest and we all had a blast.

Been to Go Ape!? Leave a comment below...