So what sort of person wants to live with no fixed abode?

Me ... I'm Adam and I have hit that point I think everyone does in their life. That crossroad where a big, life changing decision is made. For the better or worse.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Where have I come from and why am I going ... well ... going!

I always aspired to be a Vet ... either that or a Doctor, but with Veterinarians I figured I'd have it easier because the patient couldn't talk back. My Mum trained as a nurse before I came in to this world and was just beginning to re-train as I started college. We even started a 'race' to see who could get their degree first! The idea of saving lives, curing illnesses and generally being a good guy appealed. Up until I hit college. The workload was huge and I knew instantly it wasn't for me.

I had come from an engineering family. My Grandfather worked on oil rigs in his working life and my Dad is a mechanical engineer. So after a few failed attempts at doing an office based job I was sitting in an hall taking an aptitude test with 150 other people for 4 Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship jobs. Miraculously I made it through and I've worked for the firm for coming on 7 years now.

Engineering isn't the only thing my Dad handed down in the gene pool. A passion for motorbikes was deeply ingrained from a young age. I remember 'riding' my Dads bike when I was 4. Actually I was merely holding the handle bars while Dad did the rest.

So whats wrong? Where is this need for escape? I have everything I could wish for, a nice young lady, a good paying job with potential, brilliant friends and generally a good life.

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