Thursday, 29 November 2012

The last few days...

We have come down to the final few days...

The last month has been pretty manic if I'm honest. Meeting people and cramming in the last few parties before we head out on Wednesday 5th December. The company we are to work for have now let us know the departure time from London Victoria coach station and we are getting the 14:42 train out of Littlehaven. Booked in advance and limited to that specific time we were able to get the usual cost of £40 down to a measly 10er!

At the start of the month we enjoyed a very wet and windy day over at Brands Hatch race track to watch the closing day of the Truck racing. I've been for a few years but this year surprised us with a HUGE fireworks display at the end. Thanks to Alex and Claire for inviting us along. We reckoned it was the best display we'd seen in England.

I had fun last Sunday when my Mum organised for a few close family to sit down, grab a carvery plate and just gorge! It was a nice meal but I ate way too much! I got given an awesome 'Beard Beanie' from my Dad to keep my beard warm when I'm hurtling down the slopes. It's weird that it looks just as good on my sister as it does me!

That wasn't the only gathering for us either this month! We've been meeting people left, right and center, whether for a coffee, movie or 15 pints. All of our close friends were able to come down to Brighton for a night out of shenanigans.

I'd been researching which action cam to buy for quite a while and then the GoPro HD Hero 3 popped up. Capturing 1080p footage and 720p at 60 fps with the new flat lens means it is the best video quality camera out there. There were other cameras with sleeker designs such as the contour HD but their picture quality just wasn't as good. So I stumped up the money and got a Hero 3 with a load of mounts. One I particularly like is a suction cup mount thats good for 200mph! I'm not sure if the Blue Smurf/Smartie van will quite get up to those warp speeds, but I should be able to get some stunning shots from the side/front/top/bottom of the van, especially along those coast roads :)

An email popped through with the updated and final chalet cookery book, this time from the ski company. It looks very good, top quality meals yet the individual components aren't too taxing for a knackered/hungover vagabond. Here I cooked salmon with a chorizo and tomato topping with Aubergine (even though I prefer the yanks 'Eggplant') Masala with rice.

I'm off to Edge and Wax this morning to pick up the trusty board, funnily enough I've had the edges done and had it waxed! We have spent a small fortune in there on two new helmets, snowboard gloves and a nice 20L bag and the service has been pretty good. Always able to answer any questions.

The fellas at work took me out on the town in Crawley. If I'm truly honest I can't remember past the first pub! All I know is I was very hungover and my Dad got in an hour after me with Domino's Pizza!

Kerry has done a stella job at wrapping the presents again this year as usual. The things that woman can do with cellotape! So we can leave these behind and hopefully take a few small ones with us to open on Christmas Day

And finally we have now moved our UK phone numbers on to a Pay As You Go tariff to hold our numbers. This means we are not able to text or call but can receive texts and calls as well as being able to use anything to do with the internet. Whatsapp seems to be the most popular messaging service but I'm also on Google Talk, Skype and Facebook chat. If we don't message back straight away its because we don't have Wifi and will get back to you when we do!

3 more days of work (Overtime so self inflicted) , 5 days in total and we will be on a ferry headed for the land of frogs!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Delays: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...


We have had our start date pushed back.

And by quite a long time. We thought we were meant to be getting a coach out to Tignes, France on the 16th November. Subsequently I handed my notice of resignation in asking for an end date of the 8th November.

Now we don't leave until the 5th December, nearly 3 weeks later than we had expected.

That means that I will be sitting around at home spending money rather than exploring the new ski resort and earning money (Granted very little). I'm not one to sit around and I can estimate I'd spend between £500 and £800 in those three weeks living at home full time.

The extra 3 weeks wages I could be earning in England would put a substantial sum of money in to our vagabonding pot rather than being detrimental to our saving efforts and draining it.

Solution? Plead for an 'extension' to my resignation (If that even works). I emailed my boss a few days after handing him my Notice of Resignation to ask that my end date be changed. I asked to work until the 3rd December giving me a day to pack up my ski gear and head on out!

Thankfully I have been granted the 'extension'. I was fairly lucky as the payroll run was a day later and had this been processed It would have been very difficult to re-instate my employment.

I'm back to having 32 calendar days and 18 working days until I leave. I'm glad I am able to earn the extra money but every day at work seems like another long stepping stone. I really am counting down the days!

PS: Anyone guess I went to see Stanley Kubric's 'The Shining' last night?