Thursday, 16 October 2014

So what's he been up to?...

It's been a little while and there's been no new stunning coast line or moody sunset pictures from beaches or snowclad mountains.

And that's pretty simply because we have stayed put in our home town for a bit. I remember posting extaticaly about saving up £10k for our vagabonding adventure. We eventually saved up a mighty 20 grand in the end. Not a measely sum. Could have been a deposit on a property. But we've done better than that. We've lived a fantastic, varied, exciting, scary, lazy, difficult 2 years... My trouble is I don't want it to end!

New Alp Beastie
However the money has run out. We bought a new van and are in the process of converting her for an Alp living beastie, but in the process spent everything we own. So we got to work. Kerry back at the Airport and me doing absolutely anything to bring in any money, spreading my time between a print firm working at Heathrow and Gatwick airports, numerous odd jobs and delivering pizzas on a moped in Brighton.

Fortunately we have no worries about where to live whilst we build the van. This is the real point to make. We could not have changed vans if we did not have anywhere to live. Unless the new van was perfect and we could just move in, but it's not. It's an empty shell! We are very fortunate to have the use of my Dads house whilst he is working abroad.... Without this kind gesture we would not have been able to change vans.

One of the random odd jobs I managed to pick up was an alternative gig being an extra on the new Warner Brothers film Tarzan. It stars Samuel L Jackson and Alexander Skarsgard with Margot Robbie as lead female. I can't say too much as the film isn't out yet and your kind of held to an embargo, but come its 2016 release date expect a delayed blog posting! If you ever get to be an extra on a feature film, take it! A fantastic experience.

So now work carries on... van work.... work for money... but all with the desire to hit the slopes again for our 3rd season.