Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Sense of Adventure - Mileeta

Exploring the unknown. Christopher Columbus stylie!

There is something very mystical about adventure. Adventure, to me, implies different. Be it a different scenery, different social context, different activity or simply a different day!

And people adventure in different ways. I know I've been on vastly different 'adventures'. From climbing down caves barely big enough for a child let alone me! Reaching the summit of my favourite mountain. Beginning the process of buying a house. Attending my first fencing (sword fighting not shiplap timber!) lesson.

In 2011 my Dad (Aka Mileeta) set out on a 3 week long adventure on his beloved BMW GS1200 motorcycle. His trip spanned the breadth of Europe starting out of England and covered 5715 miles.

I can only imagine what a trip like his is like. Whilst the first 3 days were spent riding alongside fellow Mid-Life Rebels MC members, Dad spent a long time riding solo for hundreds of miles a day.

As a fairly sociable person I think I would find this quite challenging. I look to share experiences with people and love nothing better than to recount those experiences over a beer or two in the pub!

Not all of this trip was spent alone though. He was able to meet Sergio, a good friend and work colleague, in Brindisi, Italy on his BMW R1100R motorbike after making quite an eventful journey up from Sicily.

Their most Easterly point was Istanbul and from there Dad made the two and  a half thousand mile journey back to work and the norm.

Check out his blog over at mileeta.blogspot.com and it may give you an idea of where my 'Sense of Adventure' has stemmed from.

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