Saturday, 17 March 2012

Full steam ahead!...

This is it! Get excited cos it's happening!

Following the My world is in your hands... post I made a couple of weeks ago I finally have a response.

The mortgage company were very easy to work with. Their response was swift and concise. (I think the 1.5% they load on my mortgage is their motivating factor!)

Housing associations on the other hand are another story all together. Don't get me wrong. They were quick to cash the cheque I sent them to pay the administrative charges but after that communication seemed to cease.

Phone call after phone call drew up nothing but dead ends. The lady I had addressed the permission to sublet form to was on maternity leave, yet her mail was not being read!

Then the forms had to be scanned and submitted to a different lady in the same office electronically. Unfortunately she was struck down with illness for a week and her colleagues were unable to log in to her section of the computer system.

Well I rang the number for the umpteenth time this morning and she was better! But out of the office :(

I pleaded that someone please phone her and ask that she contacts me today. 16:45 arrived and I made a last ditch attempt and rang again.

She was back! And had been all afternoon. However, she was now on the phone and couldn't take a call. I waited for 24 minutes with Shania Twain trying desperately to sooth my temper on the hold music.

We now have permission to sublet! The mortgage company are on board, the housing association are on board. I rang Jill at Pinnacle Letting Company and must have sounded like a small child. I was so relieved and excited all at the same time.

Some of our stuff has already gone through various means. Freecycle, as always, has come up trumps. I get most of my furniture from freecycle and now I've sent it back to the freecycle ether. Bonus being I don't have to hire a van to get rid of stuff!

One last push and I hope to be out by next week end. After throwing a feather duster around for a bit and drafting in a carpet cleaning friend I should be ready for pictures to be taken and the property finally on the rental market by the end of the month.

Emotions are running high at the moment. Relief, anticipation, excitement, fear ... Everything. But it's all moving forward!

Have you ever let out a property? Or had to struggle against office protocol? Leave a comment!


  1. Sounds like you're nearly ready... Exciting times ahead.

    Our new neighbours had better be nice :)

  2. Spare room cleared and cleaned ready for you both.

  3. Cheers Mileeta!

    Good to have people on our side!

  4. Oh wow, I've never heard of Freecycle! How does it work exactly..?

    Also the only experience of sub letting I've had is when I was at uni. We had to pay rent from September-September, although my course ended in May! But none of us were allowed to sub let the property over the summer to prospective tenants. VERY annoying paying rent/bills for a property you're not living in, but I suppose that's what the Tenancy Agreement was for!