Saturday, 2 March 2013

Visits from the Family...

The Brackpool (seniors) 's

I was fairly surprised, but pleasantly pleased, when my Dad said he wanted to come and join us for a week.

Haydn, myself, David, Kerry and Dad at lunch
Dad isn't a skier, boarder, polar bear, Inuit or any other snow related person. So to commit to coming out to the Alps for a week and to have Dry Slope Skiing lessons before hand was touching.

Alas it wasn't meant to be. Dad found skiing on snow a lot different. His first run was further than he had ever skied before put together and he was quite tired when Kerry and I got out of the chalet around 10am.

My two Uncles were with Dad and it was a real treat to ski with them. I'd skied with David the previous year in Alpe D'Heuz but it was only my second week boarding and I wasn't nearly fast enough to keep up. Now however, I'd had 8 weeks of practice, day in day out with only Transfer days off the slopes. Ha-Harr!

Beauty at every turn: Photo Courtesy of Dad
I knew Dave was serious though... two brand new, wood effect, ultra wide planks appeared seconds after he got in the chalet. Obviously proud of his new purchase I couldn't resist but point out that his board seemed to have been broken in two during the flight! Haydn on the other hand had the right idea and pulled out an ultra bendy board given to him by a mate.

Kerry very kindly coached Dad down the blue runs, saying nothing, just skiing in front of him so he could imitate. Having 2 of your brothers and your son yelling contradictory instructions at you at once can't be classed as a constructive ski lesson! Having a female bottom gliding down the hill in front of you apparently is!

Dad skied for a couple of days but never got to the 'click' moment where it all falls in to place. Not wanting to do any lasting physical damage he graciously bowed out and joined us for lunch. He kept saying "I'm primarily here to see you Ads". I was pleased he was here. Its always good to see your Dad.

Jan and Ros join us for dinner on Thursday Evening
The days were filled with some awesome snow, a lot of falls, and Haydn getting lost every 5 minutes. And I was quicker as quick as David. I'm sure I'd now give him a run for his money on any given piste. (Hehe)

Two very nice 60-something year old ladies were staying at the same time. Kerry and I were adamant that we would still offer the exemplary service we usually dish up, so evenings were occupied with cooking the 3 courses as usual. That is, until, David offered to buy everyone a meal on the Thursday evening, the day after our day off. Effectively giving us 2 days off. And boy did we use them well!

We totally chilled, watched a few interesting films including one of my favourites, In Bruges. The two days felt like a little mini break in the season. And it was all the more special because I was with family.

It's fair to say there were a few beers drunk throughout the week! We now have a fully stocked cupboard of assorted beer glasses that look mysteriously familiar to the ones served in the pub! (Probably a good thing as we were having a lot of accidents on our tiled kitchen floor!)

I very much enjoyed the week. It was good to see, and spend time with, my family. I wish all of my friends and family could come and stay the whole season! Maybe one day if anyone wins the lottery??

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  1. Very gracious and well written blog Ads. I enjoyed the week. You and Kerry work well together. Hope my sewing has held out? I don't want to have to use another snow shovel for as long as I live! Good luck with the remainder of your shopping deliveries, knackering! Have fun. D x x