Thursday, 13 March 2014

Kids kids and more kids...

We've just had 3 weeks of constant kids.

And kids are great. They think your the bomb because you've got a snowboard and they are on ski's, you can kind of get away with play fighting with them, and if their naughty you can also kind of get away with giving them a bit of a telling off.

Getting attacked by the twins

Our first bunch were Isabelle, Martha and James. All lovely kids with very different personalities. Martha couldn't resist but try and be in every single video shot, James begged me to follow him on the jumps and Isabelle, slightly older, took all this is her stride with an elegant swoosh past me. The resulting video is a wopper.

Isabelle, Martha and James

We could have done with a few relaxing weeks larking about with those guys but we were straight in to another week, This time with 4 kids from two families.

The Brebners video comes first and shows just how crazy the whole family are! Mum and Dad were just as keen to show off their skiing skills (even if this did mean wiping out the kids (or themselves) at the same time!)

Their video is over on youtube here

And then there's Marnie and Oscar, 7 and 9, for who it was the first time skiing on snow! From Brighton, (Just down the road from my home town) the whole family had a happy go lucky look at life, throwing themselves whole heartedly down the mountain. I especially like Marnie's dog who rode attached to her helmet to give her a bit more bump protection when she fell over.

Marnie and Oscar

Oscar has even made his own website over at so he can practice his HTML.... at 9 years old! Check it out for instructions to make a Coke bottle explode

The whole family on the chair

Normally I like hooning about in the deep stuff off piste. However, over the last few weeks I've thoroughly enjoyed these kids company and the crazy riding I've had to do to keep up with them.

If you've got kids... go skiing........ If your going skiing..... get baby makin'!

Children add a lot of fun to a skiing holiday!

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