Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rotterdam and Nan's house..

After a drive down from Amsterdam where we took a bit of a divertion across the country to East of Utrecht. Our friend Alec was traveling back to his army camp in Germany and was able to meet up for some dinner and wine.

Windmill in Rotterdam
The next day we parked up in a lovely area of Rotterdam called Scheidam. The aire was under one of 5 beautiful windmills that lit up at night.

We had a stroll around the local area which seemed to have a long past of being a distillery with warehouses and large buildings dotted along the canals. We fed the ducks in the canal metres from the van.

My Dad and his brother lived in the Netherlands with their parents when they were little and I thought it'd be nice to see the area where they lived and get a picture of the old house for my Nan. So we drove West towards the coast and the small town of Oostvorne. Its a typical small Dutch town with decent cycle paths on every road and small quaint closes and cul de sacs. We found the house which had a nice little lake at the back where my Dad said he played as a kid.

Further around the coast we pulled in to a lovely campsite to celebrate my 25th Birthday, cycling in to town and around the battlement at Hellevoetsluis. That evening we saw a few Persied meteors as we star gazed.
Nan's house
I caught my first fish with my telescopic rod in a canal and got some lovely photos of the wildlife using just my phone camera.

We headed back in to Rotterdam for a few nights relaxing before heading to the biggest Dutch theme park, Eftling...

On the coast at Hellevoetsluis

Attacking birds

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