Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Magic Mushrooms and Efteling...

After our last success at Parc Asterix, we thought it a good idea to check out whether there were any Dutch Theme Parks.

Turns out the oldest in the Netherlands is a short drive away so we set off and are pulling in to a campsite a few ours later. The rates were very reasonable and the park just a kilometre down the road where it costs 10 euros to park.

We settled in to the campsite which had electricity and wifi included in the 15 euro a night fee.

Now here is where you(we) have to leave our opinions on drugs behind. The fact is that I enjoy altering my mind. I think is a very interesting and enjoyable experience. And we were in no better place to try psilocybin containing mushrooms, or rather truffles as the law now allows. Its the same as a mushroom it just hasn't been given conditions to fruit in to one and so grows underground.

They had a very unique taste with the texture of a nut. The advice said to chew well so the absorption occurs more through the mouth than the stomach. They seemed to let out a chemical taste that didnt disappear when I drank water.

After about an hour I started to get some weird wavy like movements on the peripheral of my vision. I couldn't help but laugh at things. I just wanted to smile. The whole trip lasted about 4 hours after that first hour and everything was interesting. The wood grain on the cupboards would move like a fluid and the different grass colours would morph and merge in to each other. Patterns were more prominant and I couldn't help but think about the construction of things to their smallest molecule.

My perspective on the world was a lot different. I thought about how many people it took to deliver the smallest thing to my world. Like the plastic milk bottle we bought for tea and coffee. Every single person in its supply chain was there just to give me the experience of pouring milk out of it. In short it was amazing.
I am intrigued by psilocybin and psyclobin as they are normally occuring substances within our brains. Not an alien chemical, just one you play with the quantities of in your brain. Its not toxic and I feel could be beneficial for learning and definately self discovery of some sort.

The visions and thoughts faded away slowly and I felt relaxed, enlightened and somehow closer to the world. Be careful if you choose to experiment, but I'd also say don't be scared. As with most drugs the effects fade away and if you are conscious that the different things that are happening are a manifestation of the drug you'll be fine.

Enough of all the hippie talk. After a good nights sleep we walked to Efteling, a fairytale theme park set in some ancient woodland. It is said that Walt Disney visited Efteling many times in the years before opening Disney World for inspiration. The park was very beautiful with old trees and lakes with pathways meandering through and around them.

The main rides were well thought out as well. My favorite being the wooden 2 tracked 'race coaster' called Joris and the Dragon. The wooden construction gives the ride a very scary and organic feel and they always seem to be faster than their steel counter parts.

I managed to get on the front of the indoor roller coaster called Vogel Rok and enjoyed wizzing round in the pitch black. Much better than X No Way Out at Thorpe Park.

We finished the day with a show about the rising of a huge 5 headed raven beast and 4 knighted friends on horse back as they tried to slay it. The story wasn't anything to write home about but the anamatronix on the massive beats was impressive.  Id like to work on equipment like that at some point.

The 3rd best water jet show is also at Efteling. 3rd behind the Belaggio display in Vegas and one in Dubai. We waited next to the big lake just before the start time and was disappointed to hear that it had gone tech.
All in all it was a good day. If I had to pit it against Parc Asterix I'd say that Asterix was better. But only by a whisker.

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