Saturday, 7 September 2013

Antwerp and South...

Cruising further South we crossed the border in to Belgium and the first main city, Antwerp.

We stopped on an out of town campsite next to a large exposition complex. The fee was small. Just 10 euro for the 3 of us per night. But there was only toilet emptying facilities and fresh water so I checked to see if there was any local free camping spots.

We saw a forum post for a place near the centre of town on the quay side and headed straight for it the next day. Turns out its a lovely dock area that had been laid waste to vans, cars and motorhome all parked for free.

The next few days were spent in Antwerp centre itself. Kerry and I have managed to wear one pair of flip flops each for the whole of the time we have been back from the ski season. These flip flops have seen better days, so my mission was to find a suitable pair. Unfortunately it was a Sunday so everywhere was shut bar an art museum named after a belgian art collector.

As far as I know he was only famous for collecting art. When he died his mother put all of these pieces of art work in his house on display and so its been ever since. I dont understand art, especially from the 1500s so I struggled to find any merit in my 1 euro admission but Kerry and Mia seemed to enjoy it.

We ate a nice pizza each in an italian restaurant before heading back for a few movies and a lovely river view by the van.

The next day I found success as an Xtreme-sports shop had a pair of Quicksilver flippers for a reasonable price. There seemed to be a sort of festival in town with girls dancing outside of a huge building in the main square. Kerry bought some Belgian chocolate and Mia and I enjoyed some belgian beer.

Kerry and I have had our hearts set on going back to the French alps, namely Sainte Foy, ever since we left. And so after a quick discussions we were headed South through the rest of Belgium and Northern France

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